but only time will tell if i'll allow the scenery around to eat me alive

"Back in the late days of the acid tests, we were looking for a name. We’d abandoned The Warlocks, it didn’t fit anymore. One day we were all over at Phil’s house smoking DMT. He had a big Oxford dictionary, opened it, and there was ‘grateful dead,’ those words juxtaposed. It was one of those moments, y’know, like everything else on the page went blank, diffuse, just sorta oozed away, and there was Grateful Dead, big black letters edged all around in gold, man, blasting out at me, such a stunning combination combination. So I said, ’ how about Grateful Dead?’ and that was it."

Jerry Garcia  (via u-nified) ←
Track: Fluorescent Adolescent
Artist: Arctic Monkeys
Album: Favourite Worst Nightmare
Plays: 55521

flicking through a little book of sex tips, remember when the boys were all electric?

i don’t know how anybody can wear high-waisted anything i hate the way clothes feel up that high it’s like so awful and uncomfortable